Picture Size Requirements

Knock offers multiple places where you can customize your account with pictures and community photos.  Use these formatting and size requirements to ensure they look the best for the prospect!


Logos and profile/signature pictures

This pictures need to be at a 50x50 pixel to be best viewed by our prospects.  It ensures the picture is clear but not too big as to take up the whole bottom of the email! 😆



Craigslist allows up to 24 pictures per ad.  So use those spots wisely!  You can add floorplan specific pictures or general community ones.  We will pull from the community page first so if you have floorplan specific ones set, you won't want to put 24 pictures on the community page.  We suggest putting 1-3 on each floorplan and 21-23 on the community page.  Pictures here cannot be more than 20 MB.



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