Why is my 'Visit to Lease' conversion low?

Congrats! You got them in the door for a tour, and now you need to get them to fill out that application!  If your visit to lease conversion is low and your occupancy is starting to dip, here are a couple things to look at-- 


What is my 'visit to lease' conversion?

This number can be found under your Conversion report. Screenshot_2023-02-08_at_9.55.04_AM.png

It is calculated by your total number of leases (signed and entered) divided by your total number of tours for that date range.  Remember that "Prospects" does not include leads marked as Not A Prospect.  

How can we improve this?

Here are a few ideas or things to check out:


  1. Key selling points: We may be missing key information to give to our prospects during the tour.  Are we covering everything that makes our community stand out to our prospects while we are touring them? Maybe there is a feature of your community that is a hard sell.  Is the team struggling to overcome that objection?  This is a great opportunity to do mock tours!  Have your leasing agent or a coworker take you on a mock tour and give feedback on what they can do differently to possibly improve. 

  2. Marketing path/Model: While you are going those mock tours, check out your marketing path and model unit in the eyes of the prospect.  Does the model need a little sprucing up?  Maybe there are cigarette butts on the walk from the clubhouse to the model.  Is something visually turning the prospect away? 

  3. Following up is key: Are we sending timely follow ups and thank you's to our prospects after they tour?  After the prospect leaves, send them a personal thank you.  Reference something that you spoke with them about.  If they have a dog, send them a Google maps link to the closest park or play area.  

  4. Mindful communication: On the flip side, after they tour, are we sending too much follow up?  Is the team leaning too hard on mass emails and resulting in prospects getting an email every 2 days with a different special or generic message. Nothing is worse that having someone tour and then grouping them into a mass email inviting them to tour!


Armed with this information and your beautiful community, the leases will start coming in in no time! Happy leasing!

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