How To Increase Your Engagement Score

The Engagement score is one of the highest viewed reports Knock Analytics offers and is a great way to track your team's involved or "engagement" with their lead management tasks!  If your scores are a little down, walk through these questions to identify the root cause and help bring them back up to green.


Is the team doing follow ups within Knock?
     If the team is manually calling out to prospects or emailing them from their site
      email, they won't get credit in Knock and clear that follow up reminder.


Are they using NAP for non-leads?
The Not a Prospect button is a great option when guest cards are created for non-leads like a vendor or duplicate. Use this option so those non leads don't count against your numbers!

Is traffic heavy and the team not using the future follow up option?
     Knock has a default follow up reminder for each lead of every 48 hours.  If your traffic is heavy or you don't want to do a follow up every 2 days, use the follow up button located on the bottom right of the guest card to schedule the next time to be reminded to follow up with them.  

Is the team using mass emails too often?
     Mass emails is a great tool for targeted re-marketing or announcing specials but sometimes it can be used too often.  If the team is using this as the way to handle follow up and clear their To-Do dashboard, it can cause those leads to all drop back onto the To-Do dashboard at the same time!  This can make it even harder for the team to do genuine value added follow ups and get caught up.

Are leads triggering for follow up on days they are closed?
      Is your office closed on Sunday but established leads are coming due for follow up on those days?  Remember, Knock has a 48 hour follow up reminder default  setting.  So if you are closed on Sunday, manually schedule follow up reminders for any lead you work on Friday to land AFTER Sunday.  That way, you bypass the 48 hour reminder, don't drop your Engagement score, and you don't walk into a heavy workload on Monday.

Is the team closing dead leads under Lost?
      All leads have a life cycle and sometimes the team will find that they may not want to follow up with a specific lead anymore.  This could be due to the prospect leasing elsewhere or not responding to outreach.  If this is the case, mark the lead as Lost on the status bar.  This will stop that lead from coming back up for follow up but it won't stop any incoming communication from them reaching you.  If they express interest again, you can always reopen it!

Do all the leads have an owner?
      All leads drop into the House account when they are created. A great practice to start is to always assign ownership of a new lead when first worked.  This encourages ownership of that lead to that specific agent and keeps the workload even for everyone on site.

Does your team have quick replies set up?
      Quick replies are a great tool to make conducting follow ups easier than ever! These QRs allow the team to pre-write commonly sent emails so they can fill the message into the email box with one click of a button.  If they aren't using quick replies, have them visit this article to walk them through it.  It makes follow ups much faster. 


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