How to Utilize Follow Up to Maximize Lease Conversion!

The goal of lead management is the same for all of us!  Converting leads to leases!  Getting heads in bed!  The easiest way to do that is by providing timely, personal and value-added follow-ups.  Learn some of our top tips and tricks to great follow-up practices. 

Make it personal

The standard person gets a ton of emails, auto calls, and text messages.  Stand out from the crowd by making it personal.  Use their first name.  Mention the dog they told you about.  Remind them that you remember them, and show them what type of customer service they would expect as a resident!  A great trick is to use the Notes option in the guest card to put down personal things about them to reference later.  


Prospects are 7 times more likely to convert to a lease if you respond to their first contact in 30 minutes!  Book their appointment with your community before they even have time to call another property.  Clear out your "Needs First Contact" on your To-Do page as soon as they drop in to increase your responsiveness.  Track this on your Response Time report or on the guest card itself!


Future Follow-Ups

Don't overwhelm your prospects with unnecessary communication.  If they are looking to move in the far future or need some space to make a decision, utilize the future follow-up button to schedule the next time they pop up as a follow-up reminder!

Work smarter, not harder!

Staying organized allows you more time to send personal, value-added follow-up.  When calls come into the system, click the "Open Conversation" button in the purple banner, so you can put in their information while you are on the phone with them.  It also helps keep your Needs First Contact caught up.  If a call comes in, and you don't want to lose your place, press "New Window" to open the guest card in another tab.  Also, assign lead ownership for every lead!  This way, everyone has their lead pool, and you are notified every time YOUR leads respond to you.  




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