Getting Your To-Do List Caught Up

There will always be a situation where your To-Do page might get a little backed up. Below is a breakdown by lead category to help you prioritize and get it caught back up! Remember to check out the related articles at the bottom for step-by-step walk-throughs of the tools mentioned here.


Needs First Contact

These are the leads that have not yet received a follow-up within Knock. While you were away or throughout the previous frame of time, these leads reached out asking for information about your property. If you find that these leads are old, you have a couple of options to clear them:

  1. Mass assign (How To Mass Edit Prospects): These leads can be overwhelming if one person is handling all of the work, especially for the more manual actions like Calling. Use the mass editing tool as your guide to reassign those leads to team members to share the load!

  2. Phone leads: Click view to assess your table view and sort by created date. For the leads that didn’t have a voicemail for whatever the determined date is, begin calling to vet their interest!

  3. Email leads (How to Mass Email Prospects and Residents): Hit start and complete one on one or hit view and send a mass email. If you do a mass email, break up the list for future follow ups

Today’s Follow Ups

Leads that are “red” means they are scheduled or due for follow-up today

  1. Hit View to send a mass email, schedule a future follow-up, or mark it as lost. Remember you can sort/filter your prospect table to group audiences together.

  2. Utilize the lead carousel by hitting Start. This will allow you to flip through the leads.

Review Stale Prospects

These are red leads that have not responded to you in 14 days or longer! They probably are no longer interested.

  1. Vet these leads through your table view, sorting by move-in date or by the number of follow-ups!

  2. Remember Knock recommends at least three follow-ups, but vet them based on your own practices. You can also see the last time you reached out for an extra validation tool.

  3. Use the View and Mass Edit tool to mark the leads as lost in bulk.

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