How To Add Knockbot To Your RentCafe Property Website

Here's how to add Knockbot to your RentCafe property website.

Step 1
Once logged in to your RentCafe account, click Properties and then select the property to whose website you want to add Knockbot. You can get your chatbot template from your PMC partner or the Knockbot tab in admin.


(Note: If you don't see a Custom Content section available here, you'll need to reach out to RentCafe and have them add it to your account.)


Step 2
On the left-hand panel, go to the Content Management section and choose Custom Content.


Step 3
In the custom content section, click 1. Property Site Inner, 2. Custom JS, and then check 3. Enable.


This is the format of the snippet you will be pasting into the Custom JS field:


if (window.location.href.indexOf('availableunits') < 0) {
  $.getScript('', function () {
    window.knockDoorway.init('COMPANY_ID', 'community', 'COMMUNITY_ID')

Once you've added your snippet to the Property Site Inner section, click Save at the bottom.


Now repeat Step 3^ for the other two sections: Property Default and Property Site Home.


Doing this will add the Knockbot chat/scheduling widget to the bottom of all of your property website's pages. 


(Note there is usually about a 15-minute delay before it shows up).

Add the Knock Contact Form:

To replace the Contact Us menu option with the Knock Contact Form for the most accurate flow of prospects into Knock, you’ll also want to paste the following snippet in the Custom JS field of all 3 sections

$('.mainnavlink a#contactusaspx_MenuLink').click(function(e) {


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