I Forgot My Knock Password

Forgot your password? Don't worry, it happens all the time!

For Property Level Users

Resetting your password is easy. First, go to the Knock login page here. Next, head to the link underneath the 'Sign in' button, and click Forgot password?:


On the next screen, just enter in the username that you use to login to Knock. When you've filled out that field click Submit:


You will then receive an email.  Simply click the Reset Password button in the email (or go to the link at the very bottom of the email):

You will be taken to this page to reset your password:


Enter in your new password twice and you click Change Password and your password has been changed! Make sure to write it down in a safe place this time ;)

To login to your account, click Click here to log in on the screen after you reset your password.  That will take you to the login page and there you can login to your Knock account with your usual email/username and your new password.


SSO Users


For those new to Knock and coming from a company that uses SSO, you're probably wondering "What about me?" Well, if you click the SSO link underneath the 'Sign in' button and still aren't able to login, you'll want to reach out to your employer's internal IT team. They set up your SSO account, and Knock isn't privy that sensitive information. Once you let your internal IT know that you need access to Knock, they can provide you with assistance.

For Admin Level Users


For security reasons, there is no 'Forgot password' option available for Admins. Instead, we ask that our admin users reach out to our Support team by visiting your RealPage customer portal.

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