Multiple Yardi Property ID Integration

Knock can now integrate one Knock community to multiple Yardi property IDs!


Here's how it works if your one Knock community is hooked up to multiple Yardi property IDs:



Knock will pull in Availability for both of your Yardi property IDs. Whatever pricing and other settings are in place for that community will apply to all the Yardi property IDs you integrate with.



Knock will pull in residents for both of your Yardi property IDs.




Prospects will not export to Yardi until you choose which property you want the guestcard to export to, by clicking the "Export" button next to the corresponding property ID. The export could take up to 60 seconds.


Note that the 2 property IDs ("knock01" and "knock02" in the above example) are listed, and you can click the Export button for either one to export the prospect to the respective Yardi property. 


You can also click both of the export buttons if you want to export the prospect to both properties. This will result in 2 guestcards in Yardi (but just one in Knock), each with their own pcode:


The same export rules apply for prospects named "Phone Lead", "SMS Lead", or "New Lead"- you must give them a name and click "Save" before clicking "Export" will actually export the prospect.



Every 60 minutes, Knock checks Yardi for prospects with activity in the last 3 days and either created a guestcard if they are not already in Knock, or updates the Knock guestcard with the latest events/information from Yardi if the guestcard is already in Knock. This import will continue to take place as usual for prospects at both Yardi property IDs. 


If you click the Sync button next to the prospect pcode, it will pull in the latest information from the particular pcode at that property, from Yardi into Knock:


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