Clearing Your Cache

Sometimes if your browser is loading an older version of our site, you'll need to clear your cache to get the latest version. Here's how to clear your cache on Google Chrome.


In the top right of Chrome, click on the three vertical dots:



Scroll Look for Clear Browsing Data and from there click it:

You want to select Advanced and Change the time range to "All Time". Next, you will need to select Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and Other Site Data, Cached Images, and Files. When you have these things set, click Clear Data:

Once you have done this, refresh, and you should be experiencing the latest version of our site!


✨Pro Tip: Be sure to check for any Chrome Updates! Look on the left-hand panel under "Help". From there go to About Google Chrome, you can see if there are any current updates needed and it will automatically download those for you!

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