AMSI <> Knock Setup

Hooking up Knock to AMSI is super quick and easy! Our on-boarding team just needs to gather a few pieces of information from your AMSI account and for you to adjust a few settings and then we will take it from there.

To Start:

Here is the information we need you to send us to integrate successfully:

  • eDex URL (e.g.

  • Portfolio (e.g. "ABC Management, Inc.)

  • Property IDs for all communities you want to integrate with

  • Authentication User (e.g. knock)

  • Authentication Password (e.g. Password123)

Below we will show you how to find each of these fields as well as how to configure your AMSI settings to ensure a seamless integration.


Step 1: Gather account info

In the top navigation menu in AMSI, go to System > About. Here is where you can find the eDex URL and Portfolio.

Note: The end of the eDEx URL must contain AmsiWeb/eDexWeb after the host)

We will also need all the Property IDs for all the properties you want us to integrate with. You can find those by going to eService > Reports > Select Properties.


Step 2: Setup Knock as User

Now you need to add Knock as a user so you can provide us with our username and password.

To do this, in the top navigation menu in AMSI, go to eDex > Configure > Users. On that page, click Add.

Here is where you can set the Authentication User and Authentication Password for Knock to access your AMSI. 

Select Active and Under "Web Service Access" select Leasing. When you are finished, click Save.


Step 3: Configure settings

Finally, you will want to ensure your AMSI settings are as unrestrictive as possible to ensure an error free integration.

To adjust your settings, go to eSite tab > Setup > Property > Properties.

Take note of the "Policy Code" column for the property you're editing.

Now navigate to eSite > Setup > Policies > Property Policies. Click Settings for the row that matches the "Policy Code" from previous page.

Scroll down to the "Guest Card" category and
ensure these settings are as unrestricted as possible to prevent errors with Knock exporting prospects; Uncheck all checkboxes and set everything to Never. When you are done click Save.

And that's it! Just send us the information from the top of these instructions and we'll take it from here! 



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