Setting Up Your RealPage Floor Plans For Knock (OneSite Classic)

In order to enable Knock to pull in all of your availability from your RealPage account, you need to ensure that all of your Marketing Floor Plans are setup. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this!


The Navigation Menu:

First, select LeaseStar on the lefthand dropdown on the navigation menu.  Under "Web Site Setup", select Floor plans.





Floor Plans:

Already established floor plans: if you already see all the floor plans you want to show up in Knock under the "Marketing floor plans" section (see the below screenshot), then all you need to do is check the checkbox "Show on web site?" and then click the Save checkmark in the top right corner.  This step is important if you are seeing this in OneSite but NOT Knock.




Unused Floor Plans: If the floor plan you are expecting to show in Knock shows under "Unused floor plans", the floor plan has not yet been grouped.  Next, you'll want to follow these steps:

  1. Click New next to Marketing floor plans
  2. Enter/Select the following information
    1. Market these floor plans: Select the missing floor plan
    2. Under this name: Enter the name to market the floor plan as
  3. Click Save




Now you can just click Edit next to the group of floorplans you added, check the box that says Show on web site? and then click the Save checkmark in the top right corner as we normally would.


Additional Options:

If the floor plan should be marketed under a floorplan grouping that already exists, you can add it to an existing group following these steps:


1. Next to the floor plan group you would like to add the unused floor plan to, click the down arrow  and click Add:




2. Select the floor plan from the drop down and click the grey check mark next to the drop down:




3. Now you can go about the editing, selecting Show On Web Site?, and Saving your floor plan:




If at any time you need any assistance navigating OneSite Classic to set up your floor plans, please reach out to your CSM to see how we can help you further!

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