March 2024

We're excited to share what we've been working on within your March 2024 release that will be available Thursday, March 21st. Be sure to also check out important announcements and updates.


New features and enhancements:



  • Bulk Communication: Leasing agents can now send emails or text messages with attachments to select recipient groups in a single flow. This enhancement improves agent productivity and eliminates the change of error when sending messages to multiple recipients. Learn more. 


Integrations & Platform:

  • On-Site Coapplicants & Guarantors: Guarantors or non-rent paying individuals can now be listed on the Co-Applicants Knock Prospect cards down in the Secondary Contact section. This allows Agents to see and then communicate to the other individuals on the Lease. Learn more.
  • On-Site Light: The On-Site Light integration allows agents to access On-Site applications from the Knock Guest Card. This link is viewable for all Knock and On-Site customers as an easy onramp to the full integration. Learn more.


Marketing Automation:

  • Drip Campaigns Appointment Follow-Ups: Drip Campaigns have been enhanced with triggers based on appointment status changes. This enhancement offloads agent time and attention from prospects in the appointment funnel, so that they can focus on more critical human interactions that drive conversion and NOI. Learn more.
  • Drip Campaigns AI Email Follow-Ups: When combined with the AI Email, Drip Campaigns form a complete proactive, and reactive communication engine. The AI Email trigger will follow-up with prospects that have engaged with AI Email. This synergy between AI-driven responses and strategically timed drip emails creates a dynamic, responsive communication flow, ensuring that every interaction is optimized for engagement and conversion. Learn more.  




  • Stay up-to-date on the latest analytics enhancements and bug squashes included in the December release to ensure a smooth and optimized experience. Learn more.
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