Online Leasing Link for iOS

Effortless Communication at Your Fingertips: Introducing Online Leasing's Convenient Email Link Sharing on iOS!

  • Our latest update allows you to conveniently display the Online Leasing Link option in the attachment section of the Conversation screen.
  • To ensure a seamless user experience, the original Online Leasing Deep link, which can be quite lengthy, is now displayed in the Email template as a clickable hyperlink with a concise text: "Click this link to open Online Leasing: Tiny URL.
  • After sending an email, all important information is gathered and can be easily accessed on the Conversation screen. This feature simplifies and improves the leasing process by giving you a complete summary of your communications.

For iPad users:

For iPhone users:




When you click or attach on the send Online Leasing you will get this page where it shows the email body and you can send it to your prospect.


Then, prospects can click on the hyperlink, it will open a new tab in their browser and will get routed to the Online Leasing platform.


Need assistance or have questions? Feel free to get in touch with us via the Support Portal or reach out to your dedicated Knock Solutions Account Manager.

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