January 2024

We're excited to share what we've been working on within your January 2024 release that will be available Thursday, January 25th. Be sure to also check out important announcements and updates.


New features and enhancements:



  • MRI merge tag: For customers using Knock CRM and MRI PMS. Agents can now view and take action on applicant data from the Knock Guest Card. This integration streamlines the prospect to applicant to renter journey by removing siloes between the CRM and the PMS applications, while also reducing the chance of human data input error. Learn more. 
  • Yardi prospect auto-export for multi-phased Yardi properties: For customers set up with multiple Yardi properties integrated with one Knock CRM account, we now auto-export prospects to each Yardi account when a Tour is completed with Units belonging to those Yardi accounts. This integration improves data integrity between the CRM and PMS and allows agents and marketing teams to attribute prospects to the right properties. Learn more. 
  • Drip campaigns: Automate the prospect outreach and engagement process across the entire property portfolio. Admins simply set up email outreach templates in the Knock admin dashboard. Drip campaigns will send marketing emails to prospects at a regular cadence to improve the probability of re-engagement and allow agents to focus time and attention back on converting prospects to renters. Learn more.




  • The new prospects page has been updated to include a column for lead source, so that agents can easily identify where leads are coming from 
  • HTML quick replies have been fixed to accurately show the character limit once it is reached 
  • The loss reasons window has been updated with a scroll bar for easier navigation


  • Stay up-to-date on the latest analytics enhancements and bug squashes included in the December release to ensure a smooth and optimized experience. Learn more.
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