Application Integration with OneSite (OLL)

Exciting News! RealPage's Online Leasing introduces an innovative new feature. Now, customers can conveniently embed OneSite URLs for applicants. This enhancement ensures a smooth transition for prospects from a quoted unit to the application stage, eliminating the hassle of re-entering information collected during the initial prospect stage. Whether through direct links on your website or OneSite quotes, prospects can easily kickstart their lease application. Experience a simplified leasing process for both property management companies and applicants with RealPage Online Leasing!


When you have this ON you can use the following function:

  1. Utilize #ApplicationURL to hyperlink your online leasing link into a quick reply email.
  2. Engage the Application button to hyperlink your application link into a freeform email.
  3. 🔜 Coming soon: Apply Now button inside the Knock Quotes.


Prospects engaging in that link will have the following information pre-populate in the Online Leasing (OLL) form.

  1. Prospect Name

  2. E-mail

  3. Phone Number

  4. Quote provided (if applicable)

  5. Unit Chosen (if applicable)

  6. Desired Floorplan

  7. Target Move Date

  8. Current Address (if applicable)


How do I turn this on?

Once the feature is enabled from the support side, go to Properties > Leasing > Application Information.  For Online Leasing Providers, select OneSite/OLL then the application URL will default to



That's it!  Now you can see...

The "Application Link" option. It's conveniently placed at the bottom of your email, near the add attachments icon. This enhancement is designed to simplify the application process, providing an alternative pathway for users who prefer a different approach.


The merge tag #ApplicationURL will pull the link as well.  You can put this in any quick reply for fast templates. 


Want to experience a simplified leasing process for both the property team and applicants with RealPage's Online Leasing? 

Reach out to our support or get in touch with your Knock Solutions Account Manager.

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