December 2023

We're excited to share what we've been working on within your December 2023 release that will be available Thursday, December 14th. Be sure to also check out important announcements and updates.


New features and enhancements:


  • Outbound browser calling for voice app: Existing Voice App inbound functionality, which includes agent availability, mute, and more, will now apply to outbound calling. In addition to existing standard outbound telephony, agents will now have a more complete Voice App experience for all inbound and outbound calls. Leasing agent managers will also be able to ramp up their team and track team performance more easily using the Voice App. Learn more. 
  • Prospect and resident page sorting: The new prospect and resident pages have been enhanced to include sorting functionality. Line items in these pages can now be sorted by to-do status and follow-ups. Learn more about the prospect page and resident page.
  • Centralized prospect and resident pages: The new prospect and resident pages that have lived in the classic CRM have been upleveled and are now available as a view in the centralized dashboard. Please reach out to your Knock SAM or Sales Representative for centralized dashboard access. Learn more.
  • Centralized search: Agents can now search across their entire property portfolio from the centralized dashboard with centralized search. Searching by keywords will return results across multiple fields in the portfolio including prospect and resident names, emails and phone numbers. Please reach out to your Knock SAM or Sales Representative for centralized dashboard access. Learn more.
  • Updated left nav (coming January): The left nav is getting updated to help agents engage with prospects more efficiently while also improving overall app performance. The Voice App button is moving from the left nave to the right side of the top nav. The search button is moving from the top of the left nav to the bottom of the left nav. The guest card button is moving from the left nav to inside the prospects page. Learn more. 



  • RealPage OneSite online leasing deeplink: For customers using Knock Tours and RealPage OneSite PMS. Agents in can now access the deeplink (URL) for a prospect leasing application from within the Tours app. This integration streamlines the prospect to renter journey, improves the quality of on site Tours and reduces the changes of human data input error between the Tours app and the application. Learn more. 



  • AI SMS (beta): With AI SMS, respond to and reach prospects instantly. With round-the-clock availability, AI SMS can schedule tours and reply to messages at any time. Learn more. 


Call Intelligence:

  • Bookmarks and Notes: Call intelligence has been enhanced to make it easier for users to find and analyze call data. Users can now bookmark calls from the Call Transcript Overview page, and call transcripts now include a notes widget for further analysis. Learn more.
  • Prospect Status and Call Recategorization: Call intelligence has been updated to bring the current prospect status into the transcript details pages. Moreover, users can now recategorize a call to filter it out of the Call Intel report. Together these changes alleviate the need to go to another tab to get additional context about a prospect interaction and bring more clarity to the data shown in Call Intelligence. Learn more. 



  • Prospect grouping on activity report:Group by” functionality has been enhanced to now include a prospect parameter. Group by agent has been adjusted so that if the agent ID is the same, then data is aggregated across properties to present a centralized view. Learn more.
  • Engagement score close of business: Engagement score has been updated to provides a point in time readout of engagement based on a customer's identified close of business time. Learn more. 
  • Data Cloud - onboarding automation: Knock Data Cloud now offers property-level permission for 3rd party analytics data access during the property onboarding process. Institutional clients and PMC operators now have increased granularity when creating custom reports. Learn more.




  • Stay up-to-date on the latest analytics enhancements and bug squashes included in the December release to ensure a smooth and optimized experience. Learn more. 


  • The support chat bot within the dashboard has been enhanced with AI functionality and includes prefilled resources such as links and articles.


  • Answer verification has been updated to increase the time interval between when an inbound call has been registered by Knock and when an agent can accept the call, so that agents can connect with a prospect before AI Voice answers on their behalf.
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