Enhanced Top and Left Navigation Panel

Exciting news! We've just launched a groundbreaking update to your daily CRM Navigation panel. Crafted with your convenience in mind, our top priority is to provide you with a seamless experience. The redesigned interface prioritizes fast loading times and optimal performance, ensuring the efficiency you rely on.


👀 Before and After Witness the transformation of the Top and Left Navigation panel as we guide you through the updates.


Previous Top and Left Navigation Panel:


New Top and Left Navigation Panel:

🔧What's changing?

  • Voice App: Access the Voice App effortlessly with its button now located in the top navigation menu.

  • Search: Find what you need with ease – the Search function has been relocated to the bottom of the left navigation menu.

  • Add Prospect: Simplify prospect management by utilizing the 'Add Prospect' button within the Prospects page.

  • Alerts Button: Control your alerts conveniently by finding the button in your user account menu.

  • Sound Button: Manage sound settings effortlessly with the Sound button now residing in the user's account menu.

  • Units: Experience improved clarity – 'Units' is now 'Availability,' with no changes to the page itself.

  • Properties: Explore the Leasing Binder with the renaming of 'Properties,' maintaining the same page structure.

  • Toolbox/Settings: Find the More Settings/Toolbox button in the user's account menu for streamlined access.

  • Log Out: Seamlessly log out with the Log Out button now residing in the user's account menu.

  • Change User: Leasing teams with the 'Use Knock As' feature can easily access it through the user's account menu.

Need assistance or have questions? Feel free to get in touch with us via the Support Portal or reach out to your dedicated Knock Solutions Account Manager.



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