What is it?

A Virtual Agent who will handle SMS communications with new prospects.


What will the journey look like?

  • Similar to AI Voice, this is a virtual agent who will answer questions from new prospects that are sent by text.
  • The lead would need to consent to opt-in for SMS messages to continue with the virtual agent.
  • AI SMS will handle texts from new prospects that have no prior history of interaction with the community.

Some things to note

  • When a member of the leasing team responds or takes over the lead/prospect, the virtual agent will no longer continue communication.
  • If there is no reply after 30 minutes, the conversation will end.
  • If Agent Rollover is enabled in the Virtual Agent tab of the Admin dashboard, then the lead is transferred to the RealPage Contact Center when the virtual agent is unable to answer, unable to assist, or the prospect requests an agent.
  • Responses for particular questions can be added, such as Leasing Specials.  You can find this in the Admin Dashboard > Virtual Agent tab > Responses section > Info - Specials and adding it to the SMS section.


This feature saves the leasing team time by being able to engage with a prospect immediately, while they handle other daily activities.



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