November 2023

We're excited to share what we've been working on within your November 2023 release that will be available Thursday, November 16th. Be sure to also check out important announcements and updates.


New features and enhancements:


  • Enhanced Centralized Referrals Workflow: To empower agents to refer lost prospects to other sister properties, we are enhancing the Mark as Lost flow to include steps to refer and send information about other properties to the prospect. This enhanced workflow will also allow the agent to schedule follow-ups, schedule tours and more easily convert a prospect to a renter across sister properties with no additional marketing spend. In fact, our data shows that referred prospects are 2x more likely to convert to renters. Moreover, this workflow improves the quality of win/loss data across a portfolio. Learn more. 
  • Centralized Leasing Binder Enhancements: The centralized leasing binder is now further enhanced to allow leasing agents to better communicate value across their property portfolio. Enhancements include sister property availability based on prospect preferences, streamlined property referrals, and direct line and tracking phone numbers. Within the Guest Card, agents will also see the new availability modal with customized matches. Learn more. 
  • OneSite Applicant Integration for Knock: For Knock customers with OneSite online leasing, leasing agent teams can now generate and send a OneSite application URL to prospects through the Knock Guest Card. This integration removes application siloes and improves agent efficiency while also streamlining the prospect to renter journey. Please reach out to your Knock representative to learn more. Learn more. 



  • AI Email: Introducing Al Email. Elevate your communication with seamless integration that saves time, streamlines interactions, and supercharges prospect engagement. AI Email offloads repetitive agent activity such as answering standard prospect questions, scheduling tours, and marking messages as spam. Learn more.
  • Enterprise Platform upgrade: We're upgrading our AI platform to provide an elevated prospect experience and streamline the leasing process with our new Enterprise AI Platform. Learn more.



  • AI Email Performance Reporting: With AI Email reporting, view tours scheduled, percent of emails AI responded to, top email topics, and so much more. Learn more. 




  • Following our acquisition by RealPage announced on September 30, 2022, we are integrating various aspects of Knock operations into RealPage infrastructure. As part of this planned M&A integration, we’re continuing to upgrade our support resources by enabling access to RealPage’s new and modernized Customer Portal. The RealPage Customer Portal makes support resolution easy with a modern user-friendly look-and-feel, real-time product alerts and case visibility, and intuitive communication with the ability to add attachments. 
  • For current RealPage Customer Portal users, please continue to use this tool for support matters.
  • If you have not yet used the RealPage Customer Portal, this will be your new home for submitting cases and getting real-time visibility into your case activity. Register here. 
  • Knock Email to Case will no longer be accessible and supported. Please use the RealPage Customer Portal in place of email to case. 




  • Stay up-to-date on the latest analytics enhancements and bug squashes included in the October release to ensure a smooth and optimized experience. Learn more. 


  • We have implemented a minor fix on the new prospects page so that the response time and follow up columns are accurately updating for prospects that have had a follow up. 
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