Leasing Binder Enhancements

We've introduced some exciting improvements to the current Digital Leasing Binder—check out the details below to see what's new!

> Tracking Number

> 🆕New Availability Table

> Leasing Brochure

Tracking Number Section

If a prospect has a tracking number linked to their guest card, and you access the leasing binder through the prospect card, it will now display the identical tracking number as found on the prospect card.

This is a feature associated with the guest card level, so if the Leasing Binder has been opened from the Properties page, there will be no Tracking Number section either.


New Availability Table

When View Availability' option in the Leasing Binder drawer is selected, users will notice that an Availability Drawer will now slide out from the right, replacing the previous Available Units view.

NOTE: This updated interface will also appear when the leasing agent is on the guest card and clicks on the 'Availability' option.


Table and Filters

  • The All Units table will show all units for the properties selected in the filter. The leasing team can now filter for multiple properties in order to see availability across multiple properties.

  • The leasing team can also filter by Match, Beds, Floorplan, Price, Avail Date, Baths, Buildings, Occupancy, and Notice.


In addition to the columns that can be seen in the previous version of the dashboard, we have added a Match column that indicates to the agent whether the unit is a great match, good match, close match, or no match for the prospect.


> Match will be based on budget, beds, floorplan, and available date.

> There are a few match indicators:

  • Great Match - a unit has a Great Match (Blue) if all 4 criteria are matched.

  • Good Match - a unit has a Good Match (Green) if 3 or 2 criteria are matched.

  • Close Match - a unit has a Close Match (Yellow) if only 1 criterion is matched.

  • No Match- a unit has a No Match (Orange) if no matches are met.

  • Undetermined -will show Undetermined (Gray) if the prospect has no preferences set at all.

Suggested Match

The leasing team will now see Suggested Match tiles above the units table. We will show up to three matches where the unit is either a Great Match or Good Match so the agent can use this section for a quick decision on the best unit(s) for the prospect.


Quoting in the Availability table


To quote using the Availability page, you can click on the highlighted button below.

NOTEIf the property uses the classic knock quoting feature, clicking the quote button will initiate the Knock Quoting flow, but if the property uses Unified Quoting, then the quote button will initiate the Unified Quoting interface.


Quoting without a guest card

In this case, the agent must first refer the prospect to that property before creating a quote.

If the user hovers over a property’s unit that the prospect does not have a guest card, they will see this hover message “Refer in order to create a quote”

If they click the quote button, we will show a quick referral pop-up, it will ask for a referral note to be added before the user can Create a Referral. Clicking Create Referral will create the new guest card.


Leasing Brochure

For leasing professionals who want to send a PDF containing property information to their prospective tenants, they can utilize the 'Share Brochure' button within the Leasing Binder. This button allows them to attach a property brochure through email.

NOTE: The brochure cannot be shared if the prospect does not have an email on file. This functionality currently doesn’t work to send over SMS


The property brochure contains the property’s contact information, application link, touring hours, amenity and pet information, fees, and any photos that have been uploaded.


Need assistance or have questions? Feel free to get in touch with us via the Support Portal or reach out to your dedicated Knock Solutions Account Manager.

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