Enhanced Centralized Referral Workflow

 Sometimes, your potential tenant may find a different property within our portfolio to be a more suitable choice, whether it's due to current availability, pricing, or amenities. This is perfectly acceptable! With the introduction of our cross-selling feature, you now have the option to seamlessly move your prospects to a related property within your network, ensuring that the lease stays within your organization. This feature is particularly advantageous for agents who handle multiple properties, utilize multi-site dashboards, or oversee transfers between sister sites.


With the Referral option ON the options below will be shown:


With the Referral option OFF, the option below will be shown:

Loss Reasons

When marking a prospect as 'Lost,' you will be presented with a list of loss reason options. After selecting the appropriate reason, simply click the 'Next' button.


Suggest Nearby Communities

After choosing one or more loss reasons and clicking 'Next,' the 'Suggest Nearby Communities' feature will become available.

NOTE: To proceed, the user must select at least one property AND ensure that the 'Create Referral' or 'Send Informational Email' switch is turned on before they can click 'Next'.

> The leasing representative can select multiple properties that they want to create a referral to.

> The selection includes the following information.

  • Community Name - clicking the property names will open the Leasing Binder.
  • Matches - number of units based on set preferences on the guest card.
  • Distance - calculated based on the distance from the referring property.

  • Overview - The icon is greyed out if amenity is not enabled in the community.
    - Pet Status
    - Parking
    - Laundry
    - Fitness Center
    - Pool

> Turning on this switch will trigger a request for the leasing representative to complete referral details in the upcoming Create Referral page.

> If the switch remains off, the Create Referral page will not be displayed to the user, and consequently, no referral guest card will be generated for the prospect at those properties.


> Turning on this switch will prompt the user to fill out an email on the Informational Email page and if this switch is left off, the prospect will not have an email sent to them at the end of the flow.


Create Referral

This page allows the user to create a referral note, schedule a follow-up, and book a tour for the prospect at the selected communities.

> Communities will show the name of the property that was selected.

> Clicking the hyperlinked name of the community will open the Leasing Binder.

> Referral Note - is a required field for the user to proceed to the next step.

> By default, this switch is toggled off and is optional.

> If the user opts to toggle the switch on and schedule a follow-up with the prospect, fields for Date, Time, and Note will appear.

> Turning on this switch will trigger the leasing team to Schedule a Tour with the prospect, they will be allowed to go through a separate tour flow after the loss referral flow is all finished.


Informational Email

This page allows the user to create the contents of an email to the prospect, in order to let them know of other potential communities that would be a better fit.

> Communities will show the name of the property that was selected.

> Compose Email - will have a default subject line of “Sorry to see you go!” which the user can edit,

and the email body will contain an email editor for the user to type and edit their email content


Loss Summary

This page will show the agent all the actions that they have chosen on the previous page and inform them of what will happen once they finalize the prospect as lost. It is split into three sections.

> Mark as Lost -  will show chips for all the selected loss reasons on the Loss Reasons page.

> Refer to Nearby Communities - it will show the communities that the referral will be sent to, the referral note, and follow-up details. If the Book Tour is turned on, it will also show a message that a Schedule a Tour page will pop up at the end. 

> Send Informational Email - If it was enabled in Suggest Nearby Communities and the leasing the agent composed an informational email, it will show the communities that were selected, the subject, and two lines of the email.

> Once the leasing team clicks on the 'Confirm' button, the following actions will happen:

  • Change the prospect’s status to Lost with all lost reasons.
  • Create the referral guest (s) to the new properties if that option was selected.
  • Create referral notes for old guests and new guest card(s) if selected.
  • Create follow-ups in newly referred guest card(s) if selected.
  • Send an email to the prospect if that option was selected.
  • record email in the conversation history of the old guest card.
  • Close the drawer.
  • Initiate the 'Schedule Tour' if selected.

Schedule Tour

The Schedule Tour pop-up will allow the user to create tours for prospects they are referring to new properties in the Loss Referral Cross Sell flow.


> The Schedule Tour pop-up includes the following information.

  • Property Name
  • Tour Type- In-Person, Self-Guided, and Live Video.
  • Tour Date
  • Start and End Time
  • Agent

> There will be a page counter depending on how many property was selected.


For more questions and if you wish to enable Cross-Sell feature, let us know by creating a Support case via RealPage's customer portal.

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