DemandX Leasing

DemandX Leasing's mission is to help control demand and avoid future vacancies.  It uses the power of AI, data science, and predictions to improve performance and accelerate outcomes. 

DemandX Leasing shows up as two different aspects in Knock:

Next Best Action and the Hot Lead indicator (Fire).


Hot Lead Indicator (Fire) - This will show in the To-Do Dashboard and on the guest card.

> All hot leads will display first in the list of prospects.

> This will provide the leasing representative with information about whether the potential customer is categorized as a 'promising opportunity'.

> Displaying to users which potential customers fall into this category will enable them to concentrate on prospects where they can enhance the chances of conversion by following the suggested actions.

To-Do Dashboard:


Guest Card:


Next Best Action - This will show on the guest card only. 

> The 'Next Best Action' advises the leasing agent about the most suitable upcoming interaction they should engage in with the potential customer. Following this recommended action should enhance the probability of converting the lead.

> If Next Best Action is available when you open the guest card of a Hot Lead, instead of defaulting the communication to the Call option, it will open it to the suggested communication. Ex. Email, Phone, or Call.

>  If the property has Demand X, the communication tab that the agent is directed to upon accessing the guest card will be the active communication method that is considered the most effective (By default it lands directly on the Call option).

Guest Card:



Q: Does Knock determine who is a hot lead or what the next best action for a prospect is?

A: Knock’s data is used to feed the DemandX algorithm along with AIRM and other data.

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