July 2023

We've been working hard to bring you the best in multifamily technology and are excited to share what we've been working on within your July 2023 release that will be available on Thursday, July 20th. Additionally, be sure to check out our latest announcements and updates below.


New features and enhancements: 


  • Prospect & Resident page overhaul (Open Beta): Introducing new Prospect and Resident pages in the Knock CRM dashboard featuring:
    • Faster page load times
    • Rich filtering by multiple categories
    • Enhanced bulk communication including SMS
    • Additional prospect details

Agents can now work more efficiently in the dashboard by quickly selecting and engaging with the right prospect and residents at the right time. Learn more about Prospects and Residents.

  • Centralized Profile (Limited Availability): Empower leasing teams with a holistic, prospect-centric view across the entire portfolio to get them into the community that best suits their needs. The centralized profile makes it easy for agents to view and assign leads across properties to maximize conversion. Learn more.

Admin Dashboard:

  • Batch Scheduling: Streamline workflows and increase team efficiency and productivity with the capability to update schedule settings at single, multiple or all property levels at once. Learn more.
  • Company Level Quick Replies: Quickly modify and standardize messages to prospects across your entire portfolio. Learn more. 



SMS Messages Changes:

Important note for all customers: Changes to SMS messages will be enforced on Sept 1st. For any customers who have not been registered yet, you need to provide the below required information to your Knock CSM as soon as possible. Failure to be registered will lead to your text messages being suppressed. 

  • Your business name and legal business name 
  • Business Type (e.g. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, etc) 
  • Your EIN (Federal Tax ID) 

Your Knock CSM has been reaching out to gather this information so please ensure you reply to their outreach.

Knock University Transition:

  • Realpage learning systems are expanding to now include KnockCRM training! Learn more. 




  • Stay up-to-date on the latest analytics enhancements and bug squashes to ensure a smooth and optimized experience. Learn more.


  • A new update across the RealPage platform requires all Tours and iOS app users to update their app to the latest version. We recommend always enabling auto update so you have the most recent version installed.
  • Enhanced user experience when opening new sections of tours to the foreground. New sections of tours open in the foreground to allow agents to easily begin new Tours with prospects.
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