Resident Page Revamp

🌟 Exciting News: Resident Page Upgrade Now Live! 🌟

Hey there! πŸ‘‹ We have something special for our leasing agents - a brand-new look and enhanced features on the Resident Page! This upgrade is now live, and you have the power to explore these improvements at your convenience.

Before and After
> Filter Options
> Bulk Actions
> Email and Text Button
> SMS Opt-In Button
> Additional Columns
> Add Resident Button

πŸ”§ How to Dive In: To check out the revamped Resident Page, just click on the button with your initials and toggle the option to enable or disable it. Keep in mind, once enabled, this will impact both Prospect and Resident Pages.


πŸ‘€ Before and After: See the evolution of the Resident Page as we walk you through the changes.


Previous Resident Page:


New Resident Page:


πŸ” Filter Options:

Now, you'll find Property, Building, Stage, and Lease End date filter chips always present on the Residents page. Additional filter categories selected through the Filter Drawer will appear as extra chips once you apply your filter changes.


πŸš€ Bulk Actions:

We've revamped the Bulk Actions menu! You'll now see Stack, Email, Text, and SMS Opt-In buttons. Remember, all bulk action buttons are disabled until you've selected at least one resident.


No Resident selected:

If a Resident is selected:

Stack Button:


For a streamlined experience, the blue carousel tracker won't appear if you've selected only one resident.


πŸ“§ Email and Text Button:

Select Residents and send batch emails or texts effortlessly!



When Enhanced Engagement is enabled, users will receive a notification that bulk email/SMS won't impact engagement scores.


🚨NOTE: If selected residents didn't opt for Text communication, the button for Text will be grayed out.


βœ‰ SMS Opt-In Button:

This button lets agents send opt-in links to residents in bulk. It shows the number of residents selected who have an SMS-capable phone number but haven't opted into SMS. The button is enabled if one or more residents meet these criteria.


πŸ—‚ Additional Columns:

  • Contact: Displays the form of contact for the resident (phone number, SMS, or email).

  • Owner: Shows the agent who owns the resident card.

  • Last Contact: Indicates the last contact time on the resident card.


βž• Add Resident Button:

A fresh look for the "Add Resident" button! Located in the upper right corner, click it to manually add a resident into Knock. To enable this button, ensure "Manual posting/deactivating of listings" is checked in Admin/Settings.



Ready to experience these improvements? Dive into the enhanced Resident Page now! πŸŽ‰


Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Where can I find the Stage and Former buttons?
A: These buttons are now removed in the new user interface. The "Stage" is now a filter in the resident list.

Q:  Can I change the colors of the Stage column indicator?
A:  No, these indicator colors cannot be changed.
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