Prospect Page Revamp

🌟 Exciting News: New Prospect Page Updates 🌟

Hey there! πŸ‘‹ We're thrilled to announce that the new Prospect Page is now live! Leasing agents (that's you!) can immediately experience these fantastic new features. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:

> Before and After
> Filter Drawer
> Bulk Actions

> Additional Details Column

> Add Prospect Button

> ✨ New Update: Sorting ✨


πŸ”§ How to Get Started: To check out the revamped Prospect Page, just click on the button with your initials and toggle the option to enable or disable it. Heads up, once enabled, this will affect both Prospect and Resident Pages.


πŸ‘€ Before and After: See the transformation! We've given the Prospect Page a makeover for seamless prospect management and better accessibility.

Previous Prospect Page:


New Prospect Page:


✨ What's New:

Filter Drawer: Easily find what you need with the new "Filters" button. Customize your prospect results by status, creation date, bedrooms, floorplan, owner, referrals, contact method, prospect records, waitlist, and property. Reset, cancel, or apply filters at your fingertips.


🌟Update: Curious about locating guest cards marked as 'Not A Prospect' or those leads that have been Archived? You can now find them within the Prospect Records.


> When a user applies filters, they will see new chips for the category(s) appear on the Prospects page.

Ex: Waitlist



Bulk Actions: Manage prospects effortlessly with the revamped Bulk Actions menu. Stack and Email buttons are front and center, with other actions neatly tucked into an overflow menu. Remember, all bulk action buttons are disabled until you've selected at least one prospect.


Stack Button (formerly play button): Smoothly navigate through prospects with the Stack Button. No more confusion if you've selected just oneβ€”clicking it will display the guest card as if you clicked on it.


Email and SMS: Send batch emails or SMS with a breeze. For those who have Enhanced Engagement on, users get a heads-up that bulk actions won't affect engagement scores. 




🚨NOTE: If selected prospects didn't opt for SMS communication, the button for Text will be grayed out.


The success toast will pop up once your messages are sent successfully.


Follow-Up Reminder: Set follow-up reminders for multiple prospects easily. Available when Enhanced Engagement is turned off.

Change Owner: Reassign owners effortlessly for selected prospects.


Mark As Lost: When Enhanced Engagement is off, this option is also offered for bulk actions.

Download: Export prospect details to a CSV report. Disabled if no prospects are selected.

πŸ“‘ Additional Details Column: New icons show if a prospect has been exported to the PMS, if ID verification is successful, and if the guest card is on the waitlist.

βž• Add Prospect Button: Introducing a new way to add prospects! Click the button in the upper right corner to open the Prospect Create modal. Keep an eye out for an extra Floorplan input box if required by Admin>Properties.



✨Update- Sort Tasks by To-Do Indicator, Follow-Ups, and Sources

Your feedback matters! Now you can Sort the To-Do indicators based on their Green, Yellow, and Red status, as well as Follow-ups based on their count


Furthermore, you now can sort the prospect's Sources.


Excited to try out these changes? Dive in and explore the enhanced Prospect Page! πŸŽ‰


Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Why don’t I see Mark as Lost and Follow-Up actions in the stack overflow menu?

A: These actions are only available for properties that don't use Enhanced Engagement.


Q: Can all columns be sorted?
A: No, you can't sort the Property Name.


Q: I can't see the option to filter "Not a Prospect" and "Archive".
A: These options will yet be included in the new interface soon. If you wish to view these options, you will have to switch to the old prospect tab UI.


Q: Can I select multiple filters?

A: Yes, you should be able to select multiple options in status, property, and owner filters


Q: Can I send a Bulk Text to the prospect?

A: Only if the prospects that were selected are already Opt-in to SMS.


Q: Is there any difference between when I use the Add Prospect button below my photo and the new Add Prospect button on the new Prospect Tab?

A: The interface and button may look different but functions are the same.


Q: Will the future follow-up option show the time per prospect if the beta is turned on?

A: No, It will show only for beta users and only for bulk future follow-up.

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