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In order to ensure successful interactions with potential customers, it is crucial for businesses to be available and responsive at all times. Missing out on opportunities or leaving unanswered questions can lead to the loss of potential prospects.  Knock's AI Chat is a great option to get the answers to common question the customers immediately!

AI Chat builds upon the familiarity customers already have with the existing Knockbot, enhancing their overall experience while simultaneously streamlining the leasing process for your team.  

- Prospects can ask any simple question, from ''I have multiple dogs, can I know the dog policy'' to ''Do you have any washers and dryers''.



With AI Chat you can,

  • Streamline tour booking process for faster results
  • Enhance prospect journey by expediting their progress
  • Optimize time management by reducing follow-up tasks
  • Elevate prospect engagement for improved interactions

Wondering how we can enable this? Super easy!

If you are using Voice AI, reach out to your CSM or Knock Support team to enable!

If you are not using Voice or Chat AI, and are interested, please contact your local sales rep or Knock Support!

How can I add chat responses?

Your Knock team can copy and paste your pre existing Voice AI responses to chat.  Once done, you can updated or customize as needed.



Q: Will you have to change the Knockbot script on your websites?

A: No! This requires no changes as we are only enabling the feature on the existing Knockbot widget.

Q: Will I see the AI bot messages?

A: Yes, all messages will show in the prospect record just as they do today.

Q: Will reporting be available?

A: Yes, reporting will be available soon in Analytics.

Q: Is there an additional cost for AI chat?

A: Nope! AI Voice + AI Chat are included together in a single bundle SKU.

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