Analytics Updates

July 2024:

Saving and Scheduling reports enhancements to improve data security and performance

  • The scheduled report functionality will now adhere to the permissions provided in Admin on the Users and Admins pages. This improvement provides added data security and convenience to recipients by limiting the data to only the data relevant to that user. 
  • Scheduled reports that used the 'All' selection for the 'Property' and 'Agent' filters will now incorporate changes made to that list after the report was saved. For example, if properties are later added or removed from the portfolio, the scheduled report functionality will now capture that. The same principle applies for agents. 

June 2024:

Activity report logic updated for more accurate follow-up attribution

  • The logic for agent attribution was updated to accurately reflect the agent who performed the activity. For example, an agent sending a non-automated follow-up on a guest card owned by another agent will not receive credit for sending that follow-up.

May 2024:

Demographics Report Deprecation

  • As part of Knock’s initiative to provide customers with better and more reliable ID Verification results, we are shifting to Plaid for all ID scans. With this change, we cannot support the Demographics report and it has been removed from the Analytics application.

Updated Responsiveness KPI

  • Enhanced logic to the Responsiveness tile in the Insights dashboard to improve the accuracy and match the Response Time report.


April 2024:

Response Time & Appointments Report

  • New functionality is being implemented for the Response Time and Appointments reports. Users will now be able to export and/or share the data that populates the raw data modal.

Engagement Report

  • Scheduled report was sending as 0 for some customers and will be resolved with the release.


  • Past tab will have a past date selector that is past dates only and when navigating to the Scheduled tab a new filter for future dates will show.


March 2024:

Insights Dashboard

  • On the Insights dashboard there are multiple ways that a user may be able to share data. In production, the share button always sends all data from the dashboard. With the release users will now be able to share individual tile data.

Engagement Report

  • When using the Engagement report users were finding that the Recent Score would change when any filters were changed. This was not intended behavior. Now, Recent Score will remain static as users change filters (i.e., Recent Score will now only be the most recent score calculated).

Calls Report

  • When users selected Caller Type: First Call and clicked on Total Calls the modal pop-up showed a different number. With this filter selected, the Total Calls modal pop-up should match the total calls reflected since we should only be reflecting first calls. The recent release corrects that behavior.


February 2024:

Calls Report Enhancements

  • The Calls by Day and Calls by Hour graphs in the Calls report have been reflecting incorrect data. We have updated the logic for the graphs to correctly display the underlying data.

  • In addition to the above fixes, we updated the Call Log report to display additional calls. Now, when customers use the same filters across the Call Log and Calls report the number of results will be the same.

Insights Dashboard Enhancement

  • We have enhanced the logic for setting and displaying goals within the Insights Dashboard. Now, only master users for a customer may set a goal and that goal will be reflected across ALL other user accounts. For customers with multiple master users, then the most recent goal set for a given report will be used. 

Occupancy Report

  • A data issue was identified and reported by multiple customers that caused the Occupancy report to reflect inaccurate unit data. We have enhanced the logic to match the units data that is available in the CRM.


January 2024:

AI – Voice Report Enhancements

  • The report filtered out calls where a recording was not available. As a result, the number of Virtual Agent Calls and leads / prospects created during and after the call were understated. The release will correct the logic underlying the report to include all calls that occurred during the date range with or without the call recording being available.

Activity Report Enhancements 

  • There are two major changes to the logic underlying the Activity report: (1) inactive agents were removed from the report and (2) the way we identify visits and leases will now match the Conversions report. For the latter, Visits and Leases will now show the number of visits and leases for Leads (including those marked as Not a Prospect).

Insights Report – Occupancy Tile

  • Some users reported that the Occupancy tile within the Insights report was not displaying accurate data for Occupancy rate for a portion or all the properties. The logic for gathering this data has been updated and these users should now see accurate data.


December 2023:

Drill Down Reflecting Inaccurate Data

  • Recently, the drill down functionality in Analytics was not working as expected. The Analytics reports were showing a lower number of prospects relative to the number of prospects shown in the classic Knock CRM dashboard. With the 12/13 release, this has now been resolved.

MTA Report Logic Enhancements

  • When users compared the MTA report to the Ad Spend report they frequently found discrepancies in the number of sources being displayed. With the 12/13 release, users can now expect the MTA report to show all sources displayed in the Ad Spend report and more.

Calls Report Filter and Logic Fix

  • When users used the First & Return filter in the Calls Report they were finding that the numbers did not match the numbers displayed when they took First and Return separately. With the 12/13 release, users can now expect the filters to work as expected.

  • In addition to the above fix, we corrected the “Not a Prospect” behavior of the Calls Report. Before this release the Calls report would exclude those prospects marked as “Not a Prospect”. Going forward you can now expect the Calls report to include all inbound calls.


November 2023:

Ad Spend Report

  • The Ad Spend report has been updated to correct the logic for aggregating data at the parent marketing source level and to show only those sources that are listed as active.

Voice AI Report

  • The Voice AI Report has been updated to correct previously flawed calculations. In particular, the number of leads/prospects now reflect the number of leads/prospects created during or after the call with the Virtual Agent and the number of tours scheduled now reflects the number of tours scheduled during or after the call with the Virtual Agent. 


October 2023:

Box score Report

  • Logic was updated to better capture all follow-ups while still adhering to the business logic of one channel per prospect per day.

Call Log  

  • Corrected logic for how the report identifies first and return call. This should now match the Calls report.

Insights Dashboard

  • Corrected the behavior for setting and maintaining benchmark goals on the Insights dashboard. Now, only master users will be able to change benchmark goals and these goals will be displayed for all other users.

  • When a customer has more than one master user, we will display the most recent change to the benchmark goal set by any of those master users.


September 2023:

Tour Engagement 

  • Revamped Tour Engagement Report to make it easier for users to get the most critical insights. The report has several new metrics including those related to the Result of Tour module of the Tours application. This data will show the Next Step or Loss Reason an agent provided at the end of a visit managed using the Tours application.  

ID Verification 

  • Revamped ID Verification report that collects results of scan from more sources within Knock including selfie-scan. These additional sources will provide greater insight into the risk exposure that exists across all properties with the Tours application.


August 2023:

Box Score Report

  • Not all filters retained when accessing a saved Box score report 

    • When accessing a saved report, not all the filters were retained. With the new release the issue has been corrected to respect all filters that were originally saved. 

Engagement Report

  • Engagement - Raw data missing

    •  Some users were observing N/A values for the Engagement score where they would otherwise expect scores, or the drill down did not match the recent/average scores. With the most recent release, logic has been updated to pull in complete data.  

  • Avg. Follow-up is showing zero even though follow-ups present

    • The Average Follow-Up calculation on the Engagement report will now use event-based logic like that of the Activity report. The numerator will be the total number of follow-ups completed by a given agent divided by the total number of prospects with ANY activity during the time frame selected.  

    • The total number of follow-ups will follow the expected business logic: one type per prospect per day (e.g., if a prospect is emailed twice in one day, then that will only count once).  

    • Property roll-up may not match the sum of the individual agent activity for follow-ups because the aggregation takes into account distinct prospects at each level (e.g., two agents may follow up with a single prospect via email on the same day).  


  • Customer Attribute filter not working as expected

    • When filtering by the custom attribute option, customers were seeing more data and expected in the data table. The report has been corrected to only show that which is matching the custom attribute selected in the filter.

  • Export/Share functionality for the raw data model pop-up

    • Customers have been requesting the ability to export or share the data that exists in the raw data modal pop-ups in the Engagement Report. With the new release, customers will now be able to export or share the granular detail. 

Response Time

  • Updated logic to calculate response time for each time-frame

    • An update has been made to correct the logic for each metric within the Response Time report. For each of the metrics, the "N/A" will be excluded from the calculation. Example: 10 prospects created, 3 responded to in less than 1 hour, and 1 categorized as "N/A", then the percentage responded to in less than 1 hour will now be 33%.

Multiple Reports

  • Multiple Reports - Export Columns Are Incorrect Format (Tour Engagement, Responsiveness)

    • Across multiple reports, when a user exported a report the excel file would show a decimal instead of a percentage. This has been corrected.


July 2023:

Insights Dashboard 

  • Data mismatched with existing reports

    • The Insights dashboard is now updated on a nightly basis and will match the historical data for existing reports. 

Activity Report

  • Wrong data when changing tabs while data loading  

    • When users select a new tab before the report finishes loading the Activity Report will now load the data for the tab currently selected. 

Conversions Report 

  • Contact type filters showing incorrect number of leads

    • The contact type filters will now show the correct number of leads.


June 2023:

My Reports

  • Cannot add or remove recipients to certain reports

    • Some users encountered an issue with updating a scheduled report with new email recipients. This issue has been resolved. Customers can expect to successfully update a scheduled report with additional recipients.

Activity Report

  • Follow-up type added to csv export

    • In the Activity report, we show the total number of follow-ups with a breakout of the type of follow-ups (email, bulk email, call, text, and Facebook). Customers will now be able to see this breakout when they export the report to pdf or csv.

Box Score Report

  • Number of Shows displaying unit count instead of visits

    • Previously, when customers accessed the Box score report and viewed the number of shows it would display the total number of units shown regardless of the number of visits. Now when a prospect is shown a unit, it will only count once for a given visit.

Conversions Report

  • Added group by week filter to show trends

    • Customers can now group data by week within the Conversions Report. This will be reflected by the start date for that week (the Monday of that week).

  • Error when clicking on prospects drill-down link using a group by source filter

    • Customers received an error when they changed the Conversions report to group by Source. Customers will now be able to group by Source and drill into the prospect list in LMA in the same way they can when grouping by property.

  • Title on "Top/Bottom 5 properties displaying" not changing when filter is applied

    • When adjusting the group by in the Conversions report, the Top/Bottom 5 tiles were not updating to reflect the new aggregation. Customers will now be able to change the group by aggregation and see the insights tiles reflect those changes.

      • Example: when grouping by Source, the tiles will reflect Top/Bottom 5 leases from Sources.

Engagement Report

  • Average Score not honoring doorway hours

    • The Analytics engagement score is updated every 2 hours between the hours of 7am-11pm ET. The Average Engagement score and the 6pm Raw Data score will now be calculated from the scheduled data update on or before the property's close of business time configured in Doorway. This will eliminate any prospects created outside of business hours from affecting the engagement score.

    • When an engagement score within business hours is not available to be shown then the drill down for the Engagement score will show N/A.

Multi-Touch Attribution

  • Conversion leases not showing on MTA report

    • The Conversions and MTA report did not match when comparing the number of leases. New improvements to the query will capture leases that were not previously shown by showing leases where a marketing source is not available.

Response Time Report

  • Added <6 hr column to main data table

    • Customers will now be able to view the count and percentage of prospects contacted within 6 hours.


May 2023:

Insights Dashboard

  • Benchmark Goals Wiped Not Saving

    • When trying to set a benchmark goal for a given tile on the Insights dashboard, customers were receiving an error when they noticed that their changes weren’t immediately reflected and attempted to re-enter their change. 

    • There is now a validation step that will check to see if the request has already been made. If so, the success message will show indicating that the changes will take ~2 hrs to be reflected in the tile. 

Ad Spend Report

  • Expected Sources Not Showing Correct Data with Filter

    • For the Ad Spend report, the Ad Type filter was not appropriately showing Paid and Non-Paid sources. The filter now works as expected.

  • `$` isn't displayed on the shared/exported file

    • When exporting the Ad Spend report, metrics that are related to currency were not formatted properly. Customers will now see properly formatted numbers.

Box Score Report

  • Exported reports missing sources and agent field

    • In the BoxScore report, the source and agent fields were not included in the export. These fields have been added to both the csv and the pdf export.

  • Recording Column Showing Checked on all Records

    • In the Boxscore report, the recording column was shown for every record regardless of whether a recording existed. This has been corrected.

Call Log Report

  • Resident calls showing with property name

    • The Call Log report will now show the Resident Name for all Resident calls.

Calls Report

  • Calls Report not matching Call Log Report

    • An update to the query has been made to match the Calls report. The query was previously filtering out calls that should not have been excluded.

Conversions Report

  • Filter Not Adjusting Exports

    • When exporting the Conversions report the filters selected were not being respected. This has been corrected. 

Engagement Report

  • Live/Average Scores Show both Decimals and Percentages

    • When exporting the Engagement Score report there was inconsistency in the formatting of the engagement score number. This has been corrected to show percentages. 

  • Missing All Data (new launches)

    • A set of properties were not showing data in either the Conversions or Engagement reports. These properties now show the proper data. 

  • Users from other properties showing up on exported report

    • When exporting the Engagement report, customers saw a higher-than-expected number of users. The report has been updated to show only active agents at the property. 

  • Group By and Custom Attributes filter options

    • The Engagement Score report now enables customers to select a Group By (Property, Agent, Source, Contact, or Custom Attribute) and filter by Custom Attribute. This will also apply to the export and share functionality for the Engagement Report.

Response Time Report

  • Export not Respecting Filters

    • When exporting the Response Time report the filters selected were not being respected. This has been corrected. 

Tour Type Report

  • Tour Type report pulling in application data for non-Yardi customers

    • In the Tour Type report, applications columns were being shown to customers not on Yardi. Application columns will no longer be shown for non-Yardi customers.


April 2023:

Ad Spend Report

  • Cost for Parent and Child sources are showing under Parent source in Ad Spend

    • Users were seeing duplicate lines when drilling down into the source and by month data (e.g., March would show twice – one labeled free, another with a cost). This has been corrected to roll into a single line with one cost type.

Calls Report

  • 'Database query error from callsReportBatchData' error after click on any clickable links from table

    • When accessing the Calls Report and attempting to use the clickable links users encountered a database query error. This was resolved and clickable links now function as expected.

Conversions Report

  • Cannot Drill Down in Visits Column

    • Clickable links were not implemented for the Visits column. This has since been resolved and users can now drill into the prospects for the Visits column.

Engagement Report

  • Exported Report Not Showing Avg. Followup Column

    • When exporting the Engagement Report, users were unable to view the Avg. Followup column in either the pdf or csv. This data element is now available in the exports.

  • Export not showing agent name

    • Across multiple reports where Property -> Agent drill down is available, including the Engagement Report, a user was not able to export agent level data. As part of this release, users will now see both property and agent level data in any export.


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