Call Intelligence Reporting

Call Transcripts Details Page - Annotations 

- How can I ensure that my customer service agents are meeting the specific needs of my customers during calls if I am unable to provide input into the evaluation process?


The report highlights the importance of displaying all identified utterances and labels in call transcripts. This information can help customer support agents evaluate their performance and improve interactions with customers, leading to better business outcomes.


Here's a quick peek! You'll be able to pick certain pills to search in the call transcript.


  • A quick guide on the flow of Annotations, From the Call Intelligence page, will flow over to the Call Transcript page over to the guest card once you click the drill-down link.

Here's a breakdown of the checklist items, 

Greeting: A greeting towards the prospect ''Thank you for calling 'Hunt Club', this is Mary speaking. How can I assist you today?''

Name: Receiving the prospect's name.

Preferences: What preferences does the prospect have, 1 bedroom? pets? budget? Lease Lenght?

Prospect Info: Gather detailed information, phone number, email, etc.

Prospect Interest: Have they expressed interest to move forward with your property?

Prospect Source: Which source did the prospect reach out from, and how did they hear about the property?

Followup: Was there a follow-up created?


Call Intelligence Report - Drill Down Links

- Are you looking for a way to evaluate the performance of your agents or properties but struggling to provide accurate documentation or support for your scores?

With the ability to drill down into individual calls, you can now evaluate agent or property performance with greater accuracy and confidence. You can use this information to identify areas where improvement is needed and to provide training material for performance conversations.




Call Intel Report, Keyword Search

- What feature can I use to give me an easy way to find specific keywords on specific calls?

We have developed a powerful search function that allows you to quickly and accurately search through call transcripts for exact and broad mentions of keywords.

With this feature, you can effortlessly identify calls where specific keywords are spoken and easily locate the exact points within those calls where these keywords appear.




Back-end Filters:

Low Value Filter: A back-end filter will remove the following “low value” calls from the call report to save customers time, money, and ensure call reporting for teams is accurate:

  • Calls that contain less than 4 utterances
  • Vendor calls
  • Resident calls
  • Virtual Agent handled calls
  • Existing Prospect calls


A couple of keynotes! 

  • These reports update every couple of hours, in line with the database refreshes.
  • Annotations is located in the Call Transcripts report.


Call Intelligence PDF Export

On the call intelligence report, you can export the call transcript details with associated notes via PDF file.  








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