Centralized Leasing Agent Workspace Guestcard V1

Navigating the CLAW GC

  • Once you’re in a CLAW and ready to go into a guestcard, all a user has to do is click into a task bucket through the prospect name on the card, or the ‘Start’ button on the card

  • They will enter into the task carousel



The CLAW guestcard will be the same as the guestcard of LMA. However you will see several pieces of functionality and design have been made just for centralized agents

  • The top of the carousel will display a counter of which task out of the list the user is reviewing as well as a task label. The task label informs the user of what task bucket they are in


    • If the user utilizes the right and left arrows to navigate in their task list, you should see the counter update as well to reflect which task out of the total list they are on

  • Within a guestcard, the user will also see a property dropdown menu beside the prospect Owner

    • The dropdown menu is a new item implemented specifically for CLAW users and allows the user to see what other sites the prospect is associated with in a similar fashion to the 360 guestcard.

    • The user can switch between any properties they have access to based on Admin settings.

      • There will be a counter beside the property name. This counter indicates how many tasks there are for this prospect across all the sites the agent user has access to.

        • Ex: the prospect may have a task at property B that the leasing agent does not have access to in Admin. This task will not be counted towards the number shown in the circle

      • This counter should update when tasks at the property has been completed

      • The properties in the menu are sorted as below:

        • properties with tasks are indicated with a red dot and will appear as the top choices

        • properties that the prospect is active at but have no tasks will have a green dot

        • properties where the prospect is inactive/a resident will have a blank dot

        • properties the leasing agent does not have access to will be greyed out and will fall at the bottom of the list

          • The leasing agent will not be able to click into the greyed out sites



      • If the user hovers over any part of the property name in the list, a tooltip will appear with the message of what needs to be done.

        • Even if a property is not accessible by the agent, the dot color will still follow the task logic (red means there is a task, green meaning active, blank meaning inactive)

      • If a user completes a task, the color dot indicator and hover message will update.

      • If the user selects another property they have access to, it will display the prospect’s profile and conversation history associated with that property

      360 Profile

      In order to allow centralized agents to continue navigating in CLAW instead of having a new tab open, the 360 Profile properties will take the user to the selected property prospect card.

      • When a user clicks on the relationship button for a community they have access to, they will be taken to the specific prospect’s property card instead of a new tab


      • The above functionality does not apply to properties where the individual is already a resident. If the relationship is ‘Resident’ and the agent clicks on that, a new tab will open with the resident card just like LMA functionality today.

      Adding a new GC in CLAW

      We have implemented an easy way for users in CLAW to create a new guestcard without having to navigate back to LMA.

      • The prospect card in CLAW pulled the existing prospect referral modal from LMA

      • Users will refer a prospect through this modal, just like they do in LMA

      • The modal will include a Cancel and Refer button to the bottom right of the modal


      • If the user hits Cancel, the Refer modal will close and they will return to the prospect card

      • if the user hits Refer, a new property guestcard will be created along with the property name in the property dropdown menu

        • The color dot indicator and hover message of the new property tab will follow the same rules as the other properties


      • The user will remain on the property GC that they referred the prospect from, they will not be taken to the newly created GC automatically.

      • The status chip beside the referred to property will update as well to the prospect’s status



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