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We understand that leasing agents wrap up many tours throughout a day and often times make mental notes about how a tour ended. The result of a tour can be recognizing a lost prospect or could be following up again with next steps. We also understand agents cant always easily take notes about the correct future action for that prospect until they get back to their laptop. They may also lose or forget the next step in a prospects journey, which can lead to lost rapport and lower conversion rates.

Knock Tours offers a quick and easy way for agents to close out a lost lead accurately or document relevant next steps of a tour allows agents to document and reference the important result of a tour later on. They will not have to spend as much time closing out lost leads and will be able to pickup where they left off when following up with a prospect!


Wrap Up Tour:

When a tour is finished you can wrap up your tour by clicking the "Wrap Up Tour" button shown below:

Once this is clicked you will be presented with three options:

  1. Add Next Step
  2. Add Loss Reason
  3. Skip and Complete Tour



Add Next Step:

Once you click on the Add Next Step button you will be presented with various options to choose to identify what needs to happen next. You simply select the option that suits you and click Save.


Once Save is clicked you will be taken to the updated Conversation page and you're finished with tailored notes as to what the prospect status is now and what needs to happen next!


Add Loss Reason:

Similarly to the Add Next Step button, clicking on the Add Loss Reason button brings you to a page with various options to choose the main reason for the prospect being Lost.  Again, you select the best option for you and click Save.


Once Save is clicked you will be brought the the Conversation page with updated notes on the prospect status and reasons for the loss.



If you have any questions about our Results of Tour functionality, please feel free to reach out to your CSM with any ideas or concerns you may have!



Can I create my own custom follow up Add Next Step option?

Yes you can!  When you click on the And Next Step button, one of the options to choose is "Other".  When you select this option you will be given the additional option to enter in your own reason.  You can then hit Save and you will be taken to the Conversation page.




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