March 2023

We've been working hard to bring you the best AI technology and analytics insights in multifamily. We're excited to share what's new from Knock within your March 2023 release that will be available on Thursday, March 30th.

Centralized Leasing Binder: Leasing teams can now seamlessly navigate between valuable property-specific information and unique selling points, regardless of where they're located, to quickly provide Prospects with the answers they need. Learn more.

Data Cloud: Easily access business-critical data and connect to your preferred BI tools. With modern integrations layered in with customization, you can leverage these resources to drive more effective and informed decision making around your portfolio. Learn more.

Result of Tour: Agents can now easily record the outcome of property tours using Knock Tours iOS, eliminating the need for mental or more manual note-taking. With a record of tour results, agents can focus their attention on the properties and prospects with the highest probability of conversion. Learn more.

AI Voice enhancements: Introducing the latest updates to AI Voice, designed to enhance the prospect experience and streamline the leasing process:

  • Optimized Virtual Agent Interruption ensures seamless transitions during customer interactions, reducing wait times and frustration.
  • Caller Focused Transfer to Leasing Agent prioritizes customer needs, ensuring that they are connected with a leasing agent after two failed attempts at answering a question.
  • Improved Availability Checking will enhance the experience for prospects when checking availability, reducing the length of the conversation and removing unnecessary interactions.
  • With Better Prospect Name Handling, we will only ask for unrecognized prospect names once and then prompt the leasing agent to follow up to ask for the prospect's name.

Insights & Analytics enhancements: The reports you know and love, now with improved data and enhanced visualizations. These updates were purpose-built to provide a better user experience to help you make better, data-backed, business decisions. Learn more.

Selfie Scan enhancement: Agents can have prospects self-verify ahead of an onsite visit. Selfie scan has been enhanced with clearer prompts to improve success rates and easier access to the prospect ID. Learn more.

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