A deeper look at Knock’s Insights & Analytics enhancements


We are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Insights & Analytics dashboard; the reports you know and love, now with improved data and enhanced visualizations. While there are some changes to the layout and functionality, these updates were purpose-built to provide a better user experience to help you make better, data-backed, business decisions.


Below are reported enhancements and new features you’ll experience in the latest release:


My Reports:

All your saved reports can now be found in one place, making it easier for you to access and manage them. We have also added new functionality that allows you to schedule reports to be sent to selected email addresses with an on/off toggle. You can even edit the frequency and day on which you receive these reports.


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We have added a new share button that enables you to share the entire dashboard, a report within the tile, or an individual property's results within the tile drill-down. You can filter by property emails when you set the filter to 'All' and individual properties when you filter. Additionally, we have introduced a new agent view that is available within the drop-down when you drill down into each tile.



Box Score:

We have updated our default settings so that data is now based on the event date, providing you with the most up-to-date information available. Additionally, we have improved filter locations to make it easier for you to locate and adjust filters for Not a Prospect and Agents. We have also added a new metric that shows the percentage of prospects successfully exported to your PMS system, giving you valuable insight into your overall performance.



Ad Spend:

We have made some significant improvements to our Ad Spend report. You can now view data for multiple years, and we have simplified the report to calculate the total advertising spend using the provided source costs. Monthly agreements are now calculated on a pro-rated basis, and total cost takes into account per lease and per lead agreements where applicable. We have also added NEW summary graphs that highlight insights such as the Top 10 Sources and Cost/Lease by Source. You can access the Applications column via export to CSV, and totals across all sources can be found using the export to CSV functionality.



To help you better understand your engagement data, we have included a Daily Scores drop-down within the raw data, which can be filtered by agent hourly/daily. Clickable links are now only available for Red Prospects, and we have removed them for Green prospects to maintain performance standards. We have also changed Live Score to Recent Score to reflect that the Analytics dashboard is updated every 2 hours. Additionally, we have removed the Checkbox for 'Base Report Off Business Days' because the report is now based on the Business Hours configured within the Admin dashboard. Metrics related to occupancy have been relocated to the Occupancy report under the Leases section, and grouping by custom attributes has been removed (e.g., Region, Regional Manager, etc.).


Calls/Call Log:

We have added a new Call Answer graph that shows the volume of calls answered and missed during the selected time frame, along with a new filter that allows you to show the data by Count or by Percentage. A new Raw data pop-out will show the engagement score data by day over the time range selected, and the filter for caller type now allows only one selection at a time.


Response Time:

To help you manage your response time more effectively, we have added a new Raw data pop-out that shows the response time data by day over the time range selected, along with a new filter that allows you to show the data by Count or by Percentage. The report is now based on business hours configured in the Admin dashboard by default, and the table includes the count and percentage of prospects responding in <2 hours to match the Insights tile. Additional granular data is found in the raw data pop-out. We have also disabled the ability to filter by the hour and by day and time.



We have added a new previous period comparison to show how key conversion metrics are trending, along with new tiles to surface key insights that would otherwise require additional filtering. We have also updated the ability to filter by one category at a time.



We have removed the Traffic report, but the data can be found in the Conversions report.



We have removed the Renewals report.

We hope you find these changes helpful, and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we roll out these updates. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your CSM.

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