Centralized Leasing Binder Data Sources

Get the full impact of Knock's Leasing Binder by ensuring the data is entered correctly in the Admin dashboard.  A property’s leasing binder is reliant on what information has been entered there. Use the below information for where the digital leasing binder sources data!


Notes Tab:


admin > properties > Property Overview

Key Selling Features (location, community, units)

admin > properties > Key Selling Features


Overview Tab:


admin > properties > basics

Number of units

admin > properties > basics

Property Website

admin > properties > basics > social > website

Office Hours/Days

admin > knockbot > hours

Tour Hours/Days

admin >scheduling > touring hours

Year Built

admin > properties > description

Property Description

admin > properties > basics > description > property description


Amenities Tab:

Allowed Pets

admin > properties > leasing > pet policy

Pet Notes

admin > properties > leasing >pet policy > notes


admin > properties > amenities > security


admin > properties > amenities > parking

Parking Notes

admin > properties > amenities > parking

Community Facilities

admin > properties > amenities > facilities/recreation

External Amenities

admin > properties > admin > exterior


admin > properties > admin > appliances


admin > properties > amenities > laundry

Laundry Notes

admin > properties > amenities > laundry notes


Leasing Tab:

Included Utilities

admin > properties > amenities > utilities

Utility Cost

admin > properties > amenities > utilities

Application Fee

admin > properties > leasing > application information> application fee

Security Deposit

admin > properties > leasing > leasing information > deposit

Custom Fees

admin > properties > leasing > custom fees

Pet Deposit

admin > properties > leasing > pet policy > refundable deposit

Pet Fee

admin > properties > leasing > pet policy > non-refundable fee

Pet Rent

admin > properties > leasing > pet policy > pet rent

Available Lease Lengths

admin > properties > leasing > leasing information > lease lengths





Q: Why does a tab show no information?

A: This means this field has not been populated in Admin yet. The user should contact their administrator to complete this information. Users will see this message when nothing in Admin is populated for any of the sections within the tab:





Q: Why are some elements missing in the section under the tab?

A: This means the field is not populated in Admin yet. The user should contact their Admin user to make sure the field in Admin has data entered.  



The Overview content above does not show office or tour hours as this property does not have this information filled out in Admin yet.


Now that you are set up, check out the walk-through guide! 


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