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Winback is a new template that will fire out to prospects from customers that enable the functionality at a time later in their lease in order to try and “win back” their business. The email is sent based on when the lead was created. If the preferred lease term setting is set we will calculate 75 days prior to the lease term length requested from the time the lead was created. That means if a prospect wants a 15-month lease term we'll send the Winback email 12.5 months after they created their lead. If there is no preferred lease term selected, we'll send the email 290 days after lead creation or 75 days less than 12 months.




Winback is an additional email template on the templates route of the admin App. This is a highly requested feature to send an email to users after they are late in their lease and they leased at a different property.




Winback on the Templates page

The email is suppressed by default and will not send unless the user specifically opts in. This is done at a property level. Additionally, an individual prospect can be removed from receiving the email from the “Details” section of the guest card. When the property has Winback turned on, this will default to TRUE. That way users don’t have to opt folks in, rather they opt them out.

Note the default state of On
Reactivation Note: When a lead reengages with Knock, it will move the status to Open.  You will want to confirm and/or update the status in your PMS (Yardi, OneSite, MRI) as well.  
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