ID Scan Errors

ID scanning provides the agent with an extra layer of safety. Not only can it tell the agent if the prospect's ID is real but it is a deterrent. Scanning also helps owners get insights into the touring prospects so they can better make optimization decisions. Sometimes your ID Scan will produce an error. 


Listed below are typical ID Scan Errors:


  • The document is expired 
  • The type of document is not supported and not able to be fully authenticated. 
  • Name mismatch
  • Verification failed. Unable to validate watermark.
  • Verification failed. You can request an alternative ID and try again. 
  • Date of birth invalid. 
  • Network Errors (Weak internet connection)
    • Internal Description/Root Cause: Bad Internet connection, timed out, or not connected at all.

    • User Message: We were unable to complete the process because of internet connectivity issues, please let us know if you have a strong internet connection and try again.

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