Voice App 2.0 (Call Transferring)

This article documents how calls can now be transferred between agents. Previously, if a caller rang the centralized leasing team and an agent did not pick up after 30 seconds, the caller was routed to the configured site number.  Voice App 2.0 has added functionality allowing centralized leasing agents to transfer prospect and resident calls to a warm call with a receiving agent!


Here are the steps, along with some tips and tricks, to complete inbound transfers successfully:

Inbound Transfers:

  1. When an agent is receiving an incoming transfer call, they will see a transfer icon appear in Voice App. This incoming call chip will show which agent the transfer is coming from. The agent can choose to dismiss or answer the call.


  2. Once the agent answers the incoming transfer call, they will be connected with the outbound agent. They will see a screen like the normal on-a-call screen, except there will be a “Transferring From” card to indicate the call is a transfer. The agent can Hang Up, Mute, or Transfer.

    At this stage, the guest has not been brought into the call. They will only be brought into the call once the agent initiating the transfer Merges the call together.


    If an agent attempts to click Transfer while on a conference call, a modal will appear with the message, “You can’t transfer because you are already on a transfer call.”


  3. When agent A brings the guest into the warm call, agent B should not see any change to their voice app screen.

  4. When agent A completes the call transfer by leaving the call, agent B will not see any changes to their screen. They will continue being able to communicate with the guest.

    Note: Agent B can now use the Transfer button if they need to transfer the call. This begins the inbound call workflow.


Important to note:

  • All transfer calls should have an outcome of ‘answered’ in Knock!

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