CC Functionality in Emails

You can now open up CC in your email message and add up to 10 additional emails in your communication to prospects/residents. This feature does not apply to bulk emails.

CC can be used in places where single emails are drafted. These places are:

  • Opening up an item from To-Do list

  • Opening a guest card for a prospect

  • Opening a card for a resident

Once a prospect or resident card is opened, please refer to the steps below on how to begin CCing contacts!

  1. Click the Email button to move into email communication within the guestcard or resident card.

  2. Once in the email view, a clickable +CC button will be displayed at the end of the TO field bar.

  3. When the user clicks the +CC button, a CC bar will open under the To field for the user to start adding emails.



  4. The user can now start typing or pasting valid email addresses into the CC field. Once the user completes an email, they can press space or hit the Enter button on their keyboard and the email will turn into a grey chip with a blue X.

  5. Once all email recipients are added and the email message is formed, the user can press Send to deliver the message.image-20221213-224147.png


  • Users can hit the blue X to remove the email.

  • Email CC includes a counter of how many emails out of 10 have been used at the end of the CC field. Once 10/10 is used, the user will no longer be able to type anything else in the CC field.

  • If an invalid email is detected, the email chip will display with a red color to notify the user that this email is not useable. The email counter will not include this email in its total.

  • The CC field will expand to display and accommodate longer email address.

Knock CC includes a counter tracking how many out of 10 email spaces have been used.
Red chips indicate an invalid email address. As this email is invalid, the email counter remains 3/10.
CC field expands to accommodate any long addresses.



Q: What happens if a contact on the CC list responds back to the email chain?

A: If their spouse, partner or roommate Replies or Replies All to the sent email, their response will be recorded on the main prospect’s chat history.

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