Voice App 2.0 (Inbound and Outbound Browser Calls)

This article will document how inbound and outbound calls will be made in Knock Voice App 2.0!  Knock’s Voice App 2.0 builds upon the current browser calling functionality in several ways:

  • Agents can transfer calls to another available number in Voice App Browser Calling

  • Agents can put customers on Hold and Mute themselves

  • Outbound calling will replace the LMA’s current browser calling app


Inbound Calls:

For incoming calls, Voice App will direct all incoming calls from a Knock tracking number to your active agent’s browsers. First, take a moment to review the steps below to make sure the agent is properly configured to take inbound calls:

  1. Click on the phone button in Knock:

    A new window will appear for the Voice App. This new window allows the agent to continue navigating in the CRM/Guest card. The properties listed are the same ones the agent is assigned to in the admin tools and desktop app multi-property view.

    Note: Agents are automatically set to be offline. Agents can set themselves available by clicking Go Online and clicking Change next to their availability. 


    Agents can then set themselves available to all, a few, or one property in the listed properties. For longer lists, a scroll bar will appear.


  2. If more than one agent is signed in to take calls from the same property, the call will route to the agent who is idle the longest. When a call comes in, there will play a ring tone and the desktop app will show the purple banner.

    Note: If the online agent does not answer, the call will be rerouted to forwarding number set up in Admin. If that is unanswered, the next destination will be your your site’s voicemail system.

  3. The user will also see the property name and caller’s guest card information (for existing prospect cards) in the Voice App incoming call. It will also show any information we have for a prospect or resident (if resident feature is enabled in Admin).


  4. An agent can open the guest card before or after answering. Click “Answer” to connect with the caller. Once the phone call is in progress, Voice App will update to a screen allowing the agent to hang up, mute, or transfer the call. Knock will display a timer for the duration of the call.


    Note: Calls are recorded and playback will be made available in the guest card’s chat history after the call ends.

Outbound Calls:

Outbound calls allow you to call from the browser within the guest card. To start, navigate to the guest card:

  1. Click the Outbound browser call button in the Call tab of the prospect or resident guest card.


  2. When “Browser Call” is clicked, the call is initiated and a purple banner will show up with the name of the contactee, call duration, and prospect source. The “Phone Call” and “Browser Call” buttons will be replaced with a “Hang Up” button.


Some things to note:

  • Outbound calls are recorded into chat history.

  • If the agent hits the “Hang Up” button, the purple banner will remain on the screen. They will have to utilize the close button on the banner to dismiss this.

  • If the agent uses the close button in the banner, this will not work as a “hang up” function. They will remain connecting/connected to the phone call.

  • Twilio has minimum requirements that should be used for VoiceApp


Knock VoiceApp assumes a well-performing and accessible network. Problems with firewall configurations, quality of service implementations, bandwidth allocations, and ISP performance are outside the scope of things we can assist with and we will need to defer to your local IT, ISP, and hardware vendors for assistance.


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