Canceling Knock

We are sorry to see you go!  Now that your team is canceling Knock, we want to explain to you what will happen during the cancelation process.   


Important Note: Knock data will be purged when cancelation happens so you want to be sure you are familiar with the process and reach out to your CSM or AE if you have any questions before your cancelation date!


What's the timeline? 

Your AE and CSM will work with you on a cancelation date.  Once that's determined, you will get notification from the Billing team on last invoices.  2 weeks after the cancelation date, your Knock account will be decommissioned.   This gives our customers time to alert us if a sale date or situation has changed. 


What happens to the Knock account? 

When the team decommissions the account, the following will happen: 

  1. Users will be removed and leads transferred to the House account.  All passwords will change. 
  2. Tracking emails and phone numbers will be turned off and deleted.  All ILS syndication is deactivated
  3. PMS integrations are turned off, severing any imports or exports
  4. Self Scheduling is deactivated
  5. The property is removed from every admin's dashboard and reporting


ALL DATA and accessibility will be inaccessible moving forward and all lead tracking severed.  If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your CSM or AE.  




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