Phone Troubleshooting


Having trouble with phone calls not going through to prospect? Call connectivity trouble with inbound or outbound calls? Follow these steps for any questions with inbound and outbound phone calls. 


Questions with Incoming Calls: 


1. Verify that you have the correct destination number under Settings>Phone Relays


2. Call the Forwards to the number under Toolbox to see if connects to the property.




3. You may also verify that your office phone is properly working by calling the number and making sure there isn't a busy tone. 

Issues with Outbound calls:


Outbound calls are dictated by who you have logged in as. 


1. Under Account > Profile check under the phone to make sure this is the correct number for the property. 


2. If you have multi properties under one account you would have to update your account number each time that you wish to dial out at a different location. So if you switch from “ABC” apartments to “XYZ” apartments, you will need to update their “Contact Number” in order to call out at that new location. Just go to the site you are working at and Accounts. Then change the number under "Phone" to the office number of the location you are working at today.




3. When dialing the properties number is there a phone tree? (an automated telephone system through which callers are routed according to options selected in response to a succession of recorded questions.) If there is a phone tree associated with the property's number you would need to contact your phone provider to remove the phone tree or have it bypassed. 


4. If you hit the call button inside of the guest card and the call does not connect please check the following steps: 


  • Was there a purple banner at the top of the Knock dashboard? 


  • Under details check to see if there is an assigned tracking number. If there is no assigned tracking number the phone call will not connect. 







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